The Spinozahuis Society

Founded in 1897, the Spinozahuis Society aims to manage the museum in Rijnsburg that is dedicated to the life and work of Benedictus de Spinoza (1632-1677) and to promote interest in his philosophy by organizing lectures and seminars. 

The Society manages and maintains the 17th-century cultural monument in Rijnsburg exclusively from its own funds. You can help support the Society’s objectives by becoming a member at an annual basic fee of 35 euro (students: 30 euros) 

The Society organizes annual lectures on Spinoza which are published in the Mededelingen vanwege Het Spinozahuis series. Members receive all issues of the Mededelingen free. In addition, the Society offers spring seminars in Amsterdam every year for members and all others interested in Spinoza’s works. The Society also organizes an annual summer theme week. All events are posted on the website.

In 2000 the Society endowed a Chair in Spinoza studies at Erasmus University, Rotterdam. The Chair is currently held by  dr. Henri Krop.

Spinoza’s thought continues to appeal and the Spinozahuis Society is regularly approached by a variety of institutions to offer support or expertise.

The works of Spinoza are published by Wereldbibliotheek publishers in Amsterdam under the aegis of the Spinozahuis Society.


Spinozahuis Museum in Rijnsburg


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